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RO water filtration system

What is RO water filtration system?

Industrial RO water purifier system uses the principle of reverse osmosis RO (Reverse Osmosis) this industrial purified water filtration system is completely different from the pure osmosis filter method of other technologies. They will eliminate 95-99% of bacteria, viruses and chemicals present in the water. Water after filtered through RO membrane will meet standards, ensuring safety for users’ health. Demand for industrial RO water purification systems of businesses:

  • Meeting the needs of supplementing drinking water for the Company with a large number of employees
  • Save time and storage space
  • The amount of water used every day is stable, with low cost
  • Drinking water must ensure the health of employees and increase working efficiency
  • Overcoming damaged conditions and outdated technology of the old system
    Look for an RO water purifier system supplier with expertise in water treatment, long experience and tailored services.
  • Solve the issue of bottled water storage area and timing
  • Cost savings in using bottled water
  • Consulting and designing industrial RO water purification systems

In terms of capacity

A large capacity water filtration system of 1000 liters / hour, 1200 liters / hour, 2500 liters / hour, 3000 liters / hour,…. Includes basic ingredients:

    • Raw treatment system: filter column, filter material, …
    • Hard water treatment system
    • Pumping system
    • RO membrane system (Reverse Osmosis: reverse osmosis)
    • Sterilization system includes: UV lamp (ultraviolet light), ozone generator
    • Piping system, supply valve
    • Display system.

About the water properties after filtration
The output water, after being filtered through the system, must ensure that the water is clean, the pure water meets the standards, no residue, no odors, no bacteria or viruses that cause disease, … The water has a sweet, sweet taste. no sediment, no fishy smell. Mechanism of anti-re-infection and refining levels.

About investment costs

  • Depending on the capacity of the industrial RO water purifier system and the quality of the exploited water, there will be a suitable investment cost.
  • Invest in automatic or semi-automatic systems.

Thanh An Company specializes in supplying and installing RO water filtration systems for factories in Vietnam for production and domestic purposes.

We are honored to bring the best quality of service to every customer!


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