Model: GV28750W25S
Power: 750W0.75KW1HP
Motor speed: 1420 rpm
Postdeceleration motor speed: 56 rpm
Voltage: 3 phase 220V/380V
Gear ratio: 1/25
Insulation grade: Class F
Water resistance dust resistance: IP44
Motor efficiency: IE2
Core shaft diameter: 28 mm
Shaft length: 45 mm
Key length: 40 mm
Distance of flange hole centers: 156 mm
Flange centering ridge diameter: 170 mm
Engine length including shaft: 382 mm
Engine length when attaching brakes from WS: 382 mm
Engine length when attaching magnetic brake in Vietnam: 452 mm


Wanshsin geared motor is Taiwans leading brand manufactured by Wanshsin Group. Wanshsin geared motor products are exported to many countries around the world, including Vietnam.
The main product models are: Geared motor 1/8 HP 10HP / ( 100W 7500W , Gear reduction ratio 1:3 ~ 1:1800 , single phase, three phase, vertical, horizontal, twoaxis, straight type, with brake, etc. v… Product main features: small size, light weight, noisefree, maintenancefree, and other outstanding characteristics of energy saving.


Wanshsin geared motors are widely used in packaging and machinery, printing equipment, textile dyeing and finishing machinery, surface treatment equipment, electronics, machinery and light industrial machinery automation equipment.

Features of Wanshsin Reducer Motor:

1. Motor aluminum alloy shell, helical gear precision grinding, high waterproof and moisture resistant design, motor IP55 protection level, class F insulation, low noise, long life, gear motor passed ISO 9002 certification, CE certification, UL certification.
2. Space saving, reliable and durable, with high power (up to 3700W).
3. Fast energy consumption and outstanding efficiency (more than 95%).
4. Low vibration, low noise and energy saving.

Note when using Wasinsin geared motors:

1. When the mains voltage changes by more than 10% during use, the motor may burn out, and the output torque may be reduced or abnormal.
2. When the motor is overloaded, it may burn out. Please check if the current is within the rated current value during operation The original onion did not.
3. Even if the motor is operating normally, the surface temperature may exceed 70°C. When the motor is running, if there is accessibility motor, please create a YouTube high temperature attention icon and paste it in the prominent place of the motor.
4. When the motor reverses, the singlephase motor is adjusted according to the wiring diagram. The threephase motor only needs to adjust two relatives in the power line.

The operating environment of Wanshsin geared motor

1. Do not use this geared motor in explosive atmosphere, flammable oxygen environment or corrosive environment.
2. Do not force, pull or pinch electricity, cables and conductors.
3. After the motor is installed, the ground wire must be well grounded and the ground wire placed above the junction box.
4, installation, connection, inspection, etc. must be done by professional and technical personnel.
5, the installation environment should be dry and ventilated, the ambient temperature is within 5°~40°, the abnormally high temperature or shading time should be specified.
6. The geared motor and motor must be mounted on a flat and solid base.


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