SSI Gas Distribution Disc

Origin: America

Product code: AFD 270 (9″)

Product code: AFD 290 (12″)


The principle of operation of the SSI fine gas distribution disc

The active air distribution disc is passed through an air blower, after which oxygen gas is fed into the tube to the air distribution disc. With a high pressure, the membrane of the dispenser will stretch and the oxygen gas will escape through tiny pores on the membrane of the distribution disc and create small, fine oxygen bubbles that evenly disperse oxygen into the water. When deactivated, the check valve system on the diaphragm will close to prevent sludge and water from entering the air supply hose.

Product code: AFD 270 (9″)

  • Blow flow: 0 – 12 m3/h
  • Surface Operation Area: 0.0375m2
  • Number of holes: 6,600
  • Membrane material: EPDM, PTFE

Product Code: AFD 290 (12″)

  • Film material: EPDM, PTFE
  • Contact area: 0.065m2
  • Blowing flow: 0 – 20 m3/h
  • Number of holes: 10,155

Characteristics of SSI fine gas distribution disc

  • Designed with EPDM rubber with extremely good elasticity against peeling, film congestion
  • High air flow
  • Integrated check valve prevents sludge and water from spilling back into the water supply hose and keeps the air hose system clean
  • PP film frames are resistant to high temperatures and environmentally friendly.
  • Compressed film molding technology, so the quality and performance reach the highest level
  • Made of EPDM rubber should have the best elasticity as well as durability.
  • The amount of oxygen is greatly dispersed
  • Simple installation by quick coupling or original coupling
  • The air dissipation head is designed with tiny openings to help disperse oxygen high but requires less pressure


  • Used in air conditioning tanks, aerobic tanks of wastewater treatment systems.
  • Combined with various types of water pumps to supply oxygen in aquaculture systems.
  • Installed in settling tanks, stirring tanks, mixing tanks used for nitro reduction, phosphorus and gas supply.
  • Application in biological works.


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