Longtech Gas Distribution Disc

Product code: LTD 270

Made in: TAIWAN

  • Connector: 27mm thread
  • Diameter: 277mm
  • Flow rate: 0- 9m3/h
  • Material: EPDM film; PVC/ABS frame


The principle of operation of the fine gas distribution disc

The active air distribution disc is passed through an air blower, after which oxygen gas is fed into the tube to the air distribution disc. With a high pressure, the membrane of the dispenser will stretch and the oxygen gas will escape through tiny pores on the membrane of the distribution disc and create small, fine oxygen bubbles that evenly disperse oxygen into the water. When deactivated, the check valve system on the diaphragm will close to prevent sludge and water from entering the air supply hose.

Longtech LTD 270 Crystal Gas Distribution Disc | Longtech Air Blower Disc


– The gas distribution membrane is laser-etched with a microscopic size (9″ Micro – 12″ Micro) to help the Micro Air Hole create ultra-fine air bubbles, increase oxygen diffusion, and disperse gases more evenly.
– With a check valve structure design that prevents liquids or solids from entering the pipe.
– Easy installation without many complicated tools, no effort.
– Fiberglass phase polypropylene structure for the highest resistance to chemicals, temperatures, UV rays suitable for many types of wastewater. Environmental friendliness. The disc structure can scale depending on the ambient temperature but still ensures deformation during operation.
– This is a 100% genuine imported product of LONGTECH from TAIWAN-
Connect to pipes with many different materials (PVC, ABS, CPVC, SS ..), using couplings that are easy to install.

Longtech 270 Blower Disc - NASA


The air dispersion head is made of advanced materials with many tiny fine holes to create an ultrafine foam that provides oxygen dissolved in water and is applied in many fields such as:

– Used in air conditioning tanks or aerobic tanks of wastewater treatment systems.

– Oxygen supply in fish and aquaculture systems.

– Installation in settling tanks, stirring tanks, mixing tanks, settling tanks used to reduce nitrogen, phosphorus, gas supply in aquaculture farms.

– Use in biological works


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