Made in: Germany

  • Gel, Strong Acid form has standard particle size distribution.
  • The production process does not use chemical solvents, so it meets FDA standards used in the food industry.
  • Monoplus technology (uniform granular production) with a high homogeneity rate.
  • High, stable processing flow
  • The revert process efficiency is better than other cations.


Structure of Lanxess ion exchange resin

Lanxess resins are gel ion exchange resins, manufactured by the German Lanxess group with the main function of softening water. Hard water when filtered through Lanxess plastic particles, cations present in the resin will bind to Ca2+, Mg2+ and trap them in the column, releasing Na+ into the water. This process removes all calcium, magnesium in the water, softens the water.

After a course of use, Lanxess particles will gradually lose their effect, it is necessary to restock the seeds with NaCl salts to restore them to their original state.

Advantages of Lanxess plastic resins

Lanxess is a leading brand in the technology of evenly producing granules, with a high homogeneity rate. This technology helps Lanxess exchange plastic resins have an advantage over other competitors such as:

  • Optimized processing performance, high and stable processing flow
  • The efficiency of the regeneration/revert process is better.
  • Reduce plastic consumption during use over time.
  • Long service life, reasonable cost compared to quality and efficiency.
  • Meets FDA standards used in the food industry.


Application of Lanxess plastic resins

Lanxess Cationic resins are water purification materials commonly used in water treatment systems:

  • Purify water, condensate.
  • Use in water softening systems.
  • Water treatment in the food, beer, wine and purified water industries.
  • Use to remove dissolved substances from liquids, absorb special anions or cations from liquids and other substances discharged.
  • Used in the production of extremely pure boiler feed water to avoid corrosion phenomena
  • Treatment of industrial wastewater, groundwater.


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