– Block form.
– Size: According to customer’s request
– Pipe size: 54 x 54 mm
– Thickness: 0.5mm
– 60 degree tilt angle  2-way or 1-way staggered diagonal
– Material: green PVC plastic


Laminar deposition plate is made of lightweight material, resistant to chemical corrosion.
Tubular settling plates are very effective in both pre and post water treatment. They are effective, reliable and affordable compared to other water treatment methods.
This makes them the most ideal water treatment method. The upgrade and replacement is also easy because Lamen’s materials are light and the process is not too complicated.
Working principle:
A Lamen sump consists of a series of inclined plates placed in a tank, The untreated wastewater enters from the bottom to the top and flows down along the inclined wall plates. The water then flows up inside the settling tank between the inclined plates. During this time the solids or fine dust particles present in the water settle on the plates and finally fall to the bottom of the settling tank (sludge collection pit).


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