Made in: Vietnam


05 kg/bag; 25kg/bag
Powder, bright brown
pH: 6.8~7.2
Temperature: 25~45°C


Bacillus subtilis
StreptomycesHydrolyzing enzyme


Jumbo-G probiotics are products used for Biogas, UASB, AF, IC tanks used to treat many types of wastewater with high pollution concentrations such as: livestock wastewater, food – beverage production wastewater, starch production wastewater, urban sludge treatment, wastewater for processing seafood – aquatic products.

Optimum operating conditions:

  • Ph: 6.8~7.2
  • Temperature: 25~45°C
  • Proper water retention time
  • The operating medium does not have free oxygen.

Application of Jumbo – G probiotic:

Use probiotics to culture the original activated sludge in the wastewater treatment system during the start-up phase.

Periodic probiotic supplementation helps maintain stability in the quality of treated wastewater

When encountering load shock problems, cold weather, low output wastewater pH, anaerobic sludge escapes from the system, biogas arises poorly …

Jumbo -G probiotics instructions for use :

  • Probiotics can be activated with molasses and sealed for 08~12 hours (if necessary).
  • Dissolve with water, put directly in the biological tank.
  • Contact a consultant to be spoiled


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