Model: RSS 100
Power(P): 10HP/15HP
Voltage: 380V/3phase/50Hz
Pressure head (H): 26 m (20006000 mmAq)
Flow rate (Qs): 5.941.36 m3/min
Connector diameter (DN): 100 mm
Manufacturer: HEYWEL
Made in: Taiwan Taiwan


Heywel air blowers originated in Taiwan. This is the most popular product in Vietnam today as well as Asian countries. Products with good quality and competitive price.

Heywel blower construction

1 Inlet silencer (siphon)
2 Electric motor (Motor)
3 Heywel blower body
4 Safety valve
5 Pressure gauge
6 Check valve
7 Crankcase Blower
8 Air blower base frame

Salient features:

Heywel blowers produce large amounts of wind and stable pressure.
Superior air blower design with low vibration and low noise.
Air blowers with low output pressure fluctuations are easy to apply in factories, wastewater treatment systems


Heywel air blowers provide a large amount of air for waste treatment and sewerage plants.
Used for conveyor applications.
Gas supply for electroplating industrial applications.
Applications that use vacuum.
Application in paper, food, cement factories

Distinctive features of Heywel blowers

+ Small, lightweight and economical, easy installation
+ Highefficiency and wellbuilt wind turbine blades to prevent dust ingress, high flow, low noise, and high durability
+ The motor is designed according to IEC standards, special fixing shaft can meet the long time of continued operation.
+ Heywel RSS100 15HP air blower can be used for both vacuum and pressure, capable of meeting high pressure small air flow requirements.
+ Special adjustable airflow design provides stable flow and easy control.
+ Automatic balancing minimizes vibration.
+ Centrifugal compression Heywel  air blower design provides smooth, stable airflow
+ The motor is attached in the machine, so there is no vibration.


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