Model: Magnum
Brand: EDI
Origin: USA


EDI gas distribution hose is an oxygen gas blowing instrument with bubbles of small size, smooth and good elasticity.
The gas distribution pipe is suitable for use in biological works. Application of gas distribution pipe installed in settling tanks, stirring tanks, mixing tanks, settling tanks used for nitrogen reduction, phosphorus reduction. In the aquaculture industry, shrimp hatcheries and fingerlings also often use EDI gas distribution pipes.

Advantages of EDI gas distribution pipes:

EDI gas distribution pipes are designed to resist clogging.
The speed of gas distribution is extremely fast due to thousands of microscopic pores that create air bubbles. Increase the contact surface between air and water environment, increase the efficiency of gas diffusion in water.
Optimized design, preventing clogging and preventing dirt thanks to the continuously stable operation of the check valve.
Installation of EDI gas distribution pipes is simple, low cost, high reliability.
Saving blowing air during air distribution. The service life of the gas distribution pipe is very high, even though it is in contact with chemical substances in ponds and lakes.

EDI gas dispensing tube characteristics:

Large air vent surface area for maximum gas flow of 366in2 (0.236m2)
Effective geometric design for surface coverage above 65% Fine air holes increase oxygen diffusion
Nominal Dimensions: 3.75 inches (91mm) diameter X 39 inches (1m) length
Check valve design prevents liquids or solids from entering the pipeline
Longlife gas distribution tube
Commercial price and easy installation ABS and PVC frame for the highest resistance to chemicals, temperature, UV light suitable for a wide range of wastewater
Quick coupling belts are easy to install and maintain, suitable for pipes made of various materials (PVC, ABS, CPVC, SS..)
4.6.8 inches in diameter, 110 and 160mm in length.


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