Model: 3D 32160/1.5
Power: 2HP
Voltage: 380V3pha50HZ
Flow rate: 619 m3/h
Pressure Head: 2716
Strawexhaust caliber: 6042
Working temperature: <90 degree


Ebara water pump products are imported into Vietnam market and become one of the most popular pump brands today. Currently, EBARA water pumps are applied in many water supply projects in construction, industry, municipalities, agriculture and civil applications.

Highlights of Ebara Water Pump

Ebara pumps, regardless of which country they are manufactured in, comply with common European standards. So Ebara pump products are highly synchronized.
Ebara pumps are manufactured using materials with high standards. Therefore, the pump has very high durability, the technical characteristics of which change little after use, and the product depreciation period is long.
Product design pump compact, easy to install. There are several types of special pumps that are highly adaptable to highly corrosive liquid environments.
And finally, the price: Although it is a Japanese
Italian brand, the price of Ebara pumps is much cheaper than similar Italian pumps. In addition to Ebara pump manufacturer, we also offer a wide range of pump components and accessories such as motors, propellers, seals, and genuine spare parts, making repairs and replacements easier.

Detailed structure of Ebara horizontal shaft centrifugal pumps

Use 24 pole electric motor depending on the Model
Designed and manufactured according to IP55 standard
The shell made entirely from cast iron vad is painted with 1 layer of powder coating to ensure IP55 standard
Optional Cast Iron or Copper impeller
AISI 304 stainless steel motor shaft, Carbon/Ceramic/NBR mechanical seal (MD Series) and SiC/SiC/EPDM (MMD Series)

Outstanding advantages of standard horizontal shaft Ebara pumps

The pump head is from extremely hard, strong monolithic cast iron that withstands impact and high working temperature
The 1phase electric version is equipped with a protective relay to help the pump operate safely.
Ebara centrifugal pumps are capable of quiet, durable, 24/24 operation for a long time while still ensuring operation at the required capacity.
Especially, the pump has high working efficiency, so it is extremely economical.

Some practical applications of Ebara horizontal axial centrifugal pumps

Ebara centrifugal pumps are used in industry, installed in factories and industrial sites.
Water supply pumps for buildings, residential areas, booster pumps for cooling systems, cooling towers.
Serving water pumps for irrigation work, pumping factory washing systems.
Use for heating and air conditioning.
Besides, pumps are also applied and effectively support the fire protection system.


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