Made in: Vietnam

Warranty: 12 Months


Product Information:

– Filter material: Paper, activated carbon

– Frame Material: Paper or Aluminum

– Standard: EN779

– Application: Preliminary dust filtration, smoke deodorization filter, paint deodorization filter, oil deodorization filter, acid vapor, food vapor…

– Honeycomb filters are ideal for use in high-traffic systems, and are widely used in large buildings, offices, hospitals or manufacturing facilities.

Features and characteristics:

– Remove pollutants, toxic gases or bad odors.

– Combination of particles and gas phase filters.

– Disposable, easy to use, low service cost.

– Efficient gas filtration stage in compact.

– Installed in front of the filter frame or next to the access area.

– Honeycomb type carbon fiber air filter helps air circulate better.



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