Demister filter is a type of stainless steel mesh, used to filter dust and air in industry. Demister filtration is widely used in industrial, thermal power, petrochemical plants with the task of filtering oil mist and oil fumes.


There are many industrial activities that produce oil mist or oil fumes that affect the working process and can cause respiratory diseases for workers.
Normally, the oil mist produced during the above operations is 1 μm or more in size, however in some high-temperature processes such as welding, heat treatment and crushing, the volatile components of cutting oil can be more dangerous because they are ultrafine particles of less than 1 μm during evaporation and condensation.
Therefore, in order to effectively filter fog and oil fumes, the Demister filter is an optimal and most popular product today.

Features of Stainless Steel Mesh Demister Filter

  • Low pressure differential, high dust filtration efficiency
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Good removal of dew, oil, dust and moisture
  • Use is sold permanently

Specifications of Stainless Steel Mesh Demister Filter

Material Filter To the
SUS (304)
Frame To the
Pressure Initial 4
Filter Replacement 14
Manufactured to required sizes

Application of Stainless Steel Mesh Demister Filter

The Demister filter helps to clean and air conditioning well. Fog and fume filters can be used for combustion equipment, train stations, and power generation plants. In addition, stainless steel mesh Demister filter is also used for cleaning system, pretreatment of air from outdoor.


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