MATERIAL HDPE Plastic, PP Plastic
POROSITY 85 – 93%
QUANTITY/M3 300 fruits/m3
ORIGIN Vietnam


Specifications Spherical Microorganism Substrate D150

– Size: D = (150±5%) mm;

– Working temperature: 5 – 650 C.

– Working pressure: 1-3 bar.

– Fabrication material: White HD/PE plastic

– Xuất xứ: NTV


* Quantity: 300 (±2.5%) fruits/m3

– 1m3 = 500 quả.

Outstanding features of spherical microbial substrates D150

  • Consistency in thickness
  • Uniform and high circulation speed
  • Good microbial adhesion
  • Water is evenly distributed
  • Cost savings
  • Resistant to water-soluble substances
  • Self-cleaning, high circulation rate, prevent clogging
  • Contact surface area per large unit of volume
  • Increase biomass in the biotank, increase the abundance of microbial strains
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Increase the efficiency of BOD, Nitrogen treatment
  • Long service life
  • Easy installation and operation
  • The monolithic cast ball does not break in half, causing pipe blockage
  • Working in high-pressure environments

Operating principle of Spherical Microorganism Buffer – spherical microorganism substrate d150

Spherical microbial buffer – D150 globular microbial substrate is added directly to the biological tank. The bottom surface is installed with a gas distribution system. This system will help the spheres rotate continuously in the sewage bed. After a certain time, from 25-30 days, a microbial film forms on the contact surface. This membrane will absorb the dirt in the water as food for biomass growth. Forming microbial strains: aerobic, hypoaerobic, anaerobic. During operation, these microbial strains will continuously grow and multiply in number, more abundant in species, the microbial layer in the tank is always rejuvenated and ready to participate in breaking the circuit to thoroughly treat even substances that are difficult to decompose.

Application of Spherical Microbiological Buffer – Spherical Microorganism Substrate D150:

Enterprises when they have to renovate or build a wastewater treatment system because they only need to add a crane-type microbial substrate to the wastewater treatment system, especially biological treatment works, without having to expand the work behind when the flow of wastewater into the system increases.


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