Model: C6125HV220VAC
Flow (max): 32.4 liters/hour
Pressure (max): 0.7 bar
The power supply uses: 220V; 50Hz
Standard certifications: NEMA 1 (IP20 CE, UL, CSA
Fluid viscosity: 1000cP
Fluid Temperature: 54ºC
Maximum suction height: 3m
Operating Ambient Temperature: 43ºC
Acrylic Pump Head Material
Pump Frame Metal Frame Coated with Epoxy Paint


The BlueWhite C6125HV pump is also the bestselling model in the C600HV series. The pump consists of 2 main parts, namely (Motor) and (Pump Head), connected and driven by gears. Bearings and gears are used with permanent lubricating viscosity to help the pump operate strongly and smoothly with low noise.
Pump Material: The pump membrane is EPDM rubber, the pump head is solid monolithic Acrylic. The valve body is PVC material, the spring in the intake valve of the relief valve is made of Hastelloy supermetal (C276). The 1way structures do not use balls such as (Series C600P), instead they are 1way valves made of Hypalon rubber material. Pumping of alkaline acidic and corrosive chemical solutions, the viscosity of the solution is limited to < 1000 cps.

Pump Application C6125HV:

  • Dosing pump of alkaline solutions
  • Corrosive Chemical Pump
  • Chemical Mixing Pump
  • Chemical Injection Pump
  • Dosing pumps in the medical field
  • Dosing pumps in the food sector
  • Dosing pumps for acid solutions
  • Pumping hazardous chemicals and many other applications.

Note and operate the BlueWhite pump C6125HV:

  • The pump installation is fixed and sturdy, making sure the piping connections are tightened.
  • The pump is not a deep suction type, the maximum recommended suction depth is equal to the length of the NSXs included suction tube and depends on the properties of the solution.
  • Pumping solutions at high temperatures needs to be consulted and consulted by the supplier.
  • Make sure the power supply is at the correct voltage level and stable, should be installed indoors or with a roof
  • Bait the solution at the first operation or the next time it has been left for a long time!


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