Model: Hel-X Biochip 30

Origin: Stohr – Germany


Hel-X Bio Chip 30 microbiological substrate is added to the biological wastewater treatment process to increase the contact area between microorganisms and wastewater. Hel-X Bio Chip 30 microbiological substrate is a house that helps microorganisms grow stably, helping to significantly increase the density of microorganisms in the biotank. Therefore, the MBBR process can operate with a higher amount of microorganisms and is more stable than the conventional biosludge process. Therefore, Hel-X Bio Chip 30 microbiological substrate significantly increases wastewater treatment efficiency compared to conventional treatment technology. At the same time reduces the volume of the biotank.

Biochip substrate advantages:

  • The operating surface area of 5500 ± 150 m2/m3, is among the highest today. Scientifically certified.
  • With an elliptical structure, the curved surface => helps the substrate to have a natural curved shape, when microorganisms adhere to create viscosity => The substrates will not stick together, helping microorganisms to be exposed to more oxygen and the processing efficiency is superior to other substrates (flattened surface form).
  • With an average thickness of 1.1mm According to actual studies, it has been shown that microorganisms are only exposed to oxygen and substrates (BOD, COD, N …) to biodegrade within about 0.5mm. Therefore, with an average thickness of 1.1mm, it will expose microorganisms to more oxygen while making the pollutant decomposition process more efficient on both sides of the Hel-X Bio Chip 30 substrate.
  • Density 0.7 – 0.8 => Hel-X Bio Chip 30 substrate is always light enough, when microorganisms adhere to the substrate will still be suspended, ensuring the correct MBBR function => Better processing efficiency than other types (other substrates with a density of 0.95-1 will easily sink when microorganisms adhere). At the same time, helping to reduce the agitation energy, the substrate will not sink into the dead corner of the biotank. The normal amount of air is based on BOD and Nitrogen, and can be easily stirred by fine foam gas distribution plate or fine bubble gas distribution tube => energy saving. (with other chip substrates must use perforated tubes for stirring, perforated tubes have low oxygen diffusion => high operating costs.
  • Virgin material: more durable than PE material, making the substrate work with a longer life.
  • Packaging: standard from the manufacturer 1m3 = 10 bags (each bag is 100 liters, weighs 15kg), with this packaging method will be easy to transport, store as well as when put in the tank (no need to use forklifts, cranes), helping to reduce costs, installation and operation labor.
  • Diameter: 30mm => cost savings make substrate separator mesh.

  • No congestion: Due to the special chip structure of the Hel-X Bio Chip 30 substrate that never clogging, the movements of the Hel-X Bio Chip 30 substrate in water create a shear force that helps the microorganisms adhered to the Hel-X Bio Chip 30 substrate will be continuously replaced by younger microorganisms (this mechanism is called automatic cleaning and no congestion). Therefore, microorganisms will be continuously grown inside the pore with a special structure of the substrate.
  • Non-abrasive: The Hel-X Bio Chip 30 substrate has a very low mass compared to its dimensions combined with an ultra-durable HDPE material. At the same time, with a special structure in the form of curved chips, it optimizes the ability to move in water. Therefore, when moving in water, the case of contact with the wave element between the substrates is negligible => wear is minimized. In fact, it has been proven that the manufacturer’s substrates sold for more than 10 years still work well, without abrasion.

Anammox Process

  • With a special structure, Hel-X Bio Chip 30 microbiological substrates create an ideal environment for bacteria during Anammox growth to adhere to the surface and inside the voids. Microbiological film can combine the treatment of both aerobic and anoxic, helping the processing process: COD, BOD, Ammonium … with high loads and especially more efficient Ammonium treatment than other substrates. Adhered microorganisms on Hel-X Bio Chip 30 substrates are more resistant to load shock. With a surface area of 5500 +/- 150 m2/m3 => Hel-X Bio Chip 30 microbiological substrate produces a much higher density of processed microorganisms per unit volume than other MBBR substrates.
  • Ammonium treatment is understood by the oxidation of Ammonium NITROGEN (NH4-N) bacteria in two steps, first Nitrite (NO2) and then Nitrification (NO3). For this purpose, nitrifying bacteria must be provided with sufficient oxygen and other substrates. However, the number of microorganisms depends on the surface area available for microbial growth,Hel-X Bio Chip 30 creates optimal living conditions for bacteria compared to conventional aerotanks, resulting in saving tank volume and higher organic matter treatment efficiency compared to traditional technology.
  • Easy to control the system, Hel-X Bio Chip 30 substrate can be added in proportion to the pollution load and wastewater flow. In case of increasing the capacity or system load by 50%, it is only necessary to add the Hel-X Bio Chip 30 substrate to the biotank without expanding the biotank volume.


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