AUTO VALVE 268/740

Used for Filter column, backwash over time
Model: 263/740
Made in: Pentair USA



Characteristics: mechanical valve, used for automatic control of filter systems. Synthetic plastic valve body
– Max flow: 5.7m3/h Timed settings (date, time)
Use for Top Mount style column
Simple installation, easy to use
In/O pipe diameter: D34
Exhaust diameter: D27
Salt straw diameter: D13
Filtration rate/pressure: 5.7 m3/h /15psi
Backwash flow/pressure: 4.5 m3/h / 25 psi
Operating pressure: 20 120psi
Operating temperature: 20 380C
Regenerative cycle time: 7 days a week or up to 99 days
Electrical specifications: 230V50Hz input, 12V50Hz output

Features and benefits

Time-tested Duraflow flaps provide frictionless sealing for a longer service life
The fiberreinforced polymer valve body offers outstanding strength and durability, corrosionfree and UV resistant resistance
Optical sensor for precise cycle positioning
Designed with double backwash capability to reduce hardness leakage
Fully adjustable 5 or 8 cycle controls for efficient and reliable water treatment systems
25 GPM continuous service flow rate with 20 GPM backwash
Backwash is suitable for softeners up to 16 and filters up to 18 in diameter
Supercapacitors to maintain the time of day when power goes out
The environmental protection cover provides water resistance, corrosion resistance and UV stability
Add soft water for cleaner brine tanks Programming is stored in memory and will not be lost due to power failure
Historical data on valve performance


Used for filter equipment: sand filtration, iron reduction, carbon filtration
Automatic rinsing operation.


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