Description of the technological process RO water purification system used for domestic purposes

  • Stage 1: Water is led through a multi-purpose filter column. This is a coarse filter, a pressure filter that has the role of removing iron, manganese, suspended solids, fine sludge, and reducing oxidizing substances. After removing the impurities in the water, the water continues to be passed through the Adsorption Column to remove some organic components and chlorine to ensure that the rear filtration process works well.
  • Stage 2: treatment: Water, after passing stage 1, continues to flow through the fine filter column to remove impurities of very small size, where anti-scale chemicals are pumped quantitatively and injected with appropriate dosages. ا ا into the water stream. The water after passing through the fine filter column is pressurized and pushed through the RO membrane system. After penetrating through the RO membrane (with a microscopic size of 1 – 10 ), most of the mineral molecules will be retained and discharged. to the road to separate and discharge minerals. The water after passing through the RO filter assembly flows into the intermediate tank.
  • Stage 3: Water in the intermediate tank is pumped through a set of UV lamps and a 2µm fine filter to kill all pathogenic microorganisms in the water before being used. Water after tertiary treatment meets QCVN 01-1:2018/BYT, National technical regulation on quality of clean water used for domestic purposes.

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