Process of maintaining wastewater treatment systems

Thanh An » Process of maintaining wastewater treatment systems
1. Preparation:
– Necessary protective equipment:
  • Safety helmets, protective gloves, safety shoes…
  • Warning board
– Necessary tools:
  • Water pressure pump
  • Electric tester
  • VOM meter
  • Flashlight
  • Traction pump, balang…
  • Device removal tool (Lock, hexagon…).
2. Maintenance of control cabinet system:
  • Before carrying out maintenance on industrial electrical cabinets, it is necessary to disconnect the power supply to the equipment. This step helps to ensure the safety of the maintenance engineer. As well as protecting electrical equipment in a state of rest when being serviced and replaced with new parts.
  • Check the Control and Protection Role. This inspection will be carried out from external observations to internal observations. Pay special attention to the screws and screws to see if they are tightened. Visible welds should also be tested for strength. After checking each part of the relay, it is necessary to adjust the relay coil to suit the operating ability of the industrial electrical cabinet.
  • Inspect and clean Aptomat and power tools. To check these devices, it is necessary to use screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches to tighten loose screws. It is necessary to measure and check the necessary electrical parameters before maintenance. The control circuits, automatic circuits of the device also need to be carefully checked. For non-electrical equipment, it can be cleaned with a clean rag or a special detergent. For electrical appliances, pay attention to cleaning only with a dry rag. During maintenance, try to completely remove all dust and dirt from the electrical cabinet.

Check and maintain electrical cabinets

3. Pipeline system maintenance:
  • Use a pressure washer to clean all sewage pipes, sludge pipes, chemical pipes.
  • Repair and replace damaged pipes during operation
  • Check and clean hand valves, one-way valves, flow meters to avoid clogged garbage causing blockage of pipes.

4. Maintenance of submersible sewage pump:

  • Isolate the submersible pump from the power supply
  • Pull the submersible pump out of the water
  • Check and clean the pump
  • Ensure the required engine viscosity
  • Measure the insulation of the pump.

Check and maintain the sewage pump

5. Bảo trì máy thổi khí:

  • Kiểm tra đồng hồ áp lực
  • Kiểm tra, bổ sung dầu nhớt bôi trơn
  • Kiểm tra dây Curoa (cân chỉnh lại hoặc thay mới nếu bị đứt)
  • Kiểm tra, vệ sinh ống giảm thanh đầu vào, đầu ra.

5. Air blower maintenance:

  • Check pressure gauge
  • Check and add lubricating oil
  • Check the belt (recalibrate or replace if broken)
  • Check and clean the inlet and outlet silencers.

Check and maintain the Air blower

6. Chemical pump maintenance:

  • Check lubricating oil change (periodically every 6000 hours of operation will have to change the oil once)
  • Check and clean the pump suction / ejector head
  • Check the chemical solution in the tank to ensure that it is mixed evenly without clumps to avoid clogging the chemical pump.

Check and maintain the chemical system

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