Operation process of domestic wastewater treatment system

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When operating the domestic wastewater treatment system, the following tasks should be checked:
– Prepare the operating manual of the wastewater treatment system: To record the operation log, the problems that occur, the possible fluctuations to find out the causes and how to fix them in time.
– Check the leveling buoys and control valves in the system regularly because the level indicator and control valve transmit signals to control all equipment in the system.
– Clean the garbage screens regularly: in order to remove a large amount of waste that clogs the screen, leading to waste entering the treatment system, causing blockage of pipelines and equipment in the system, affecting the operation of the system. all system.
– Check the water level in the conditioning tank: to monitor and control the inlet flow during treatment to avoid overflow.
– Monitor and control the indicators of wastewater such as pH, DO, flow…
– Check chemical tanks and chemical phase.
– Check operation of wastewater pumping equipment: Periodically monitor current, voltage and water flow for each pumping device.
– Check the operation of the blower: check for abnormal noises, lubricating oil level, belts and pressure in the pressure gauge mounted on the top of the blower.
– Check the concentration of activated sludge in the aerobic tank: check with a 1000ml cylinder to settle for 30 minutes. The concentration of activated sludge ranges from 150-250ml depending on the nature of the input wastewater, the retention time of the sludge in the biological tank and the treatment method applied. (In case the concentration of microorganisms is too low: add necessary nutrients to the microbiological system; In case the concentration of microorganisms is too high or the sludge age is large, remove excess).
The most important thing in the operation of a domestic wastewater treatment system is to monitor and detect possible problems in the system in order to provide timely remedial methods.
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