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Why do you need to maintain the wastewater treatment system, water supply periodically?

Wastewater treatment systems, water supply after a period of operation, equipment will wear, deteriorate, deteriorate quickly if not maintained and maintained regularly. Therefore, system maintenance is essential to ensure the system is in good working order and for a long construction life. In general, a wastewater or supply water treatment system will need the following main maintenance items:

1. Equipment items: including main equipment such as pumps, agitators, air blowers, filter materials, filter elements, filters….

Kiểm tra bảo trì máy thổi khí

Maintenance of Air blower

2. Material items: replacement and repair of piping components and supplies (such as valves, water gas leak position on pipes, repainting or replacing).


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Maintenance of Piping system

3. Electrical and control electrical items: Including replacing the components inside the control cabinet when damage occurs.


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Maintenance of control Panel

Currently, Thanh An Company provides customers with the following packages of maintenance services for wastewater and water treatment systems:

1. Package maintenance in installments: is the system maintenance service in phases (once a month or every 3 months), depending on the needs of customers.

2. Annual maintenance package: Thanh An company will sign a contract with the customer to maintain the system for one year. We will do maintenance 1-2 days a month and make sure the system is working properly. In addition, whenever the system has a problem that requires urgent maintenance and repair, we will be present promptly to resolve the problem.

3. Whole maintenance & operation package: Thanh An company will be responsible for the whole operation and commitment to the quality of wastewater meeting environmental standards. This maintenance package will be signed for 1 year.

You are in charge of managing wastewater treatment system, water supply system of Clinics, Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels, Apartments, Manufacturing Factory, Industrial Park… and you are in need of maintenance service of wastewater treatment system, water supply. profession.

Please call the hotline of Thanh An Environmental Technology Trading Service Company Limited (Hotline: 0907071879) for timely advice and support.


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