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Thanh An Environmental Technology Trading Service Co., Ltd was established on February 15, 2016, originated from excellent individuals with many years of experience in the field of design & construction of wastewater treatment works and water. Currently, we, with a team of young, dynamic, creative and enthusiastic engineers at work, always desire to bring the best quality of service to customers in the field of environment.

Therefore, customers are completely assured when choosing Thanh An Company for consulting on environmental legal documents and providing environmental treatment services including: Design Consulting, Construction and Installation, Providing technological equipment, Operating and Maintaining wastewater and exhaust gas treatment projects.

The vision, mission, core values of Thanh An Company
– Vision:

  • To become a leading company providing environmental solutions and services in Vietnam.

– Mission:

  • Accompany and help manufacturing businesses achieve environmental standards and participate in the global green economy with smart and creative environmental solutions.

– Core values :

  • Integrity: Direct all company teams to work based on integrity to provide the best quality of service to customers.
  • Pioneer: Pioneer in applying the most modern environmental technology solutions in the world and creatively applying environmental technology solutions to suit each customer.
  • Dedication: Building a company that brings together human resources ready to contribute to the organization, community and society.
  • Personal development: The company team has the opportunity to understand themselves and develop their strengths to contribute to the organization, customers and society.
  • Prosperity: Company members deserve to have a rich life internally and externally and are willing to contribute to the organization, community and society.

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